"Delta-Box" system Pallet collars

Pallet Collars

Pallet Collars are widely used as universal warehouse and industrial packaging.

Metal Pallet Colars performs same function as wooden, but using holding hooks Collar - Platform they can form a Delta-Box container.

For the transportation and storage of small parts in Delta-Box container there are Separation Layers and Vertical Separators.

To protect the cargo in the Delta-Box container from the "prying eyes" there are Metal and Plastic Covers.

Metal Pallet Collars can be used with the Delta-Box Platforms, and any pallets (wooden, plastic, metal). They are made of any size, ​​of galvanized steel, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Pallet Collars - element of the "Delta-Box" system.


Advantages of Metal Pallet Collars:

Metal Wooden
Weight 5,7 kg. 8 kg. +/-2
40" container capacity 3000 2000
Constant weight + -
Joint hardness + -
Fire safety + -
Sanitation + -
Outdoor Storage + -
Operation (handles) + -
Safety (splinters) + -
Maintainability + -
Ecology + -
Long life + -
Aesthetics +++ -


"Delta-Box" System

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